Valuable collections and items filled with memories, seasonal items, seasonal clothing and particularly selected interior decors.
Things that you find important should be carefully stored and accessible when needed.
"PRIVATE STOCKROOM" is an indoor storage space that meets such requirements.



About the icons

  • Available 24h: Facility available for use 24 hours.。

  • Indoor parking: ndoor parking garage available.

  • Outdoor parking: Outdoor parking available.

  • Drive-up entrance: Covered entrance available to prevent items getting wet by rain.

  • Nearest station (10 minutes or more)

  • Carpet: Floors are carpeted.

  • Temperature/humidity controlled: Thermo-hygrometers are installed and temperature/humidity controlled.

  • Security cameras: Security cameras are installed.

  • 1F: A room on the first floor.

  • 2F or higher: A room on the second floor or higher.

  • Near elevator: A room close to the elevator.

  • Motorcycle garage: Garage available for motorcycle storage.

  • Hand carts: Hand carts are available for use.

  • EV: Elevator available.

  • Site tours (with reservation): Tours of the facility are available with advance reservations.

  • HVAC: Air-conditioning system installed.

  • Regular patrol/cleaning: Facilities are regularly patrolled and cleaned.

  • BGM: Background music is played in the facility.

  • Beam: There are exposed beams in the room.

  • Duct: There are exposed ducts in the room.

  • Column: There are exposed columns in the room.